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Oven Cleaning Newcastle/Central Coast: Best Customer Service!

It’s important to know you are getting an outstanding oven clean as well as the highest customer service when you experience oven cleaning Central Coast or Newcastle. Kristof has been complimented on not only the quality of his oven cleaning but the professionalism and high customer service he offers his customers. Kristof often goes above and beyond simple oven cleaning and will fit new...

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Newcastle Oven Cleaning Service returns to Parkes

Oven Perfect are going to be in the Parkes Champion Post. Check out this story that will feature next week: Kristof, the owner of Oven Perfect, a Newcastle based oven cleaning service, will be returning to Parkes for his annual visit on the 13th April. This will be his 4th oven cleaning trip to Parkes. Kristof’s wife, Kristen Fraser, has family in Parkes and make a special trip each year...

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