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Why does my oven smoke?

Are you wondering why does my oven smoke? Here are the three most common reason why your oven might smoke and what you can do about it.

One of the reasons people call our professional Newcastle oven cleaning service is the fact their oven smokes every time they use it. In most cases we can indeed help you and the oven won’t smoke anymore after we cleaned it, but in some cases it is one of the elements or some other part that has been damaged and needs replacing.

The three most common reasons why your oven smokes

1. Grease on the elements: When one or more of your elements is covered in grease and you heat it up, it starts smoking. It’s actually burning off the dirt. The most common situation is an oven where the grill element hardly ever gets used. When you then do turn the grill on, smoke will build up quickly. The best way to keep the elements clean is to leave them on after you take your meal out of the oven for a couple of minutes to give them the chance to burn off the grease. If you hardly ever use the grill it’s still a good idea to turn it on once in a while just for this reason.
2. Build up of grease in the oven: When the whole oven is covered in grease and there’s a whole layer on the bottom, once the oven starts warming up it will smoke. A good clean should solve this problem.
3. Damaged oven: A damaged heating element will start smoking before it cuts out. Melted aluminium foil on the oven surface or scratches on one of the surfaces in the oven can cause smoking as well. For heating elements the only solution here is to replace them.

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