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Rangehood filter cleaner

Dirty rangehood? Then you need a rangehood filter cleaner. Oven Perfect, Newcastle’s specialist oven cleaning service, provide a rangehood cleaning service. This means that along with your sparkling clean oven, your rangehood will be cleaned ans completely grease free.

What does a rangehood filter cleaner do?

It will depend on which company you use as to the rangehood cleaning techniques used. Oven Perfect ensure a thorough detailing service when it comes to cleaning your rangehood. We remove your rangehood filters and place them in a tank of hot solution. The heated solution we use is a specialised non-toxic, non-caustic cleaning product and assists in removing built up grease and fats from cooking. After the rangehood filters have soaked, a good scrubbing ensures all the grease is removed and your rangehood filters are sparkling and clean ready to be reassembled.

Benefits of getting your rangehood filter professionally cleaned

Clean rangehood means cleaner kitchen
Many people are unaware that their rangehood filters can be removed, or even that their rangehood requires regular cleaning. A clean rangehood means the cooking steam, grease and fats are better absorbed by the filters, leaving your kitchen with fresher air after cleaning.
Safe removal of rangehood filters
While you may know how to remove your own rangehood filters, one of the benefits of using a professional rangehood filter cleaner is you can be sure your rangehood will be disassembled and reassembled properly. You won’t be left with rangehood filters that won’t go back into the unit.
Superior clean
The last benefit of choosing a professional rangehood filter cleaner like Oven Perfect to clean your rangehood, is that we will ensure all the grease and fats are removed. We pride ourselves on offering a superior clean to what most of our customers could achieve themselves.

For a cleaner, healthier kitchen contact us and book your rangehood in for a clean today!