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Cleaning rust off a BBQ

Being a specialist BBQ Cleaning service we get asked a lot about cleaning rust off a BBQ. There are a few factors that need to be considered.

Firstly, how badly is the BBQ damaged by the rust? If it’s only a thin layer on top of the stainless steel, then a professional BBQ cleaning service can remove most of the rust. However, if the rust has built up over a period of time then the rust eats its way into the metal and causes irreversible damage.

Secondly, it depends on what materials the BBQ is made of. There is a better chance of cleaning rust off a BBQ with a solid stainless steel panel than from a sheeted aluminium plate.

Why is rust a problem?

Rust that is due to being stored outside on a deck near the ocean that affect the external part of the BBQ can cause problems with the control buttons and/or knobs. Rust that is due to moisture inside the BBQ can cause damage to the burners, flame dividers, grills and hotplates.

How to prevent rust

A BBQ cover is essential, whether you live close to the ocean or inland. Even if you have a covered outdoor entertaining area, if the wind can get to your BBQ so can moisture. When you use a BBQ cover remember that leaving your BBQ unused for a period of time makes it prone to cockroaches and spiders to nest inside. Getting your BBQ professionally cleaned regularly is recommended.

Alternatively if you are looking to buy a BBQ you could look at buying a BBQ which uses enamel inside the hood rather than stainless steel.

If you would like to book your BBQ in for a clean or ask us about cleaning rust off a BBQ then call Kristof on 0434 512 344 today.

Cleaning Rust Off BBQ

Rusty BBQ – before BBQ Clean

Cleaning Rust Off BBQ 2

Rusty BBQ – After BBQ Clean