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Cleaning oven glass

We get asked a lot of questions in relation to oven cleaning, and a common question we often get asked is how do we go about cleaning oven glass? Because we are a specialist Oven Cleaning Service we use special tools to help us clean ovens and make them look like new again. One tool we use is a blade and blade holder to scrape off the grease and fat that burns onto your oven door.

Cleaning oven glass tips

1. Use a blade in a blade holder. Make sure you use a good quality blade holder as cheaper blade holders can break and you can hurt yourself.

2. Use a new blade every time you are cleaning oven glass to make sure you don’t scratch the glass with a dirty blade.

3. Always scrape in one direction, horizontally, to reduce the risk of micro-cuts. We have more information in our tips when using a scraper article.

Is it possible to clean between the glass on oven doors?

It will depend on the brand of oven and the clips used whether the glass can be taken apart to clean in between. This is where using a professional oven cleaner with extensive knowledge of ovens is important. Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals have been cleaning and detailing ovens in Newcastle for over 5 years. Often we can tell you over the phone if the brand of oven you want cleaned has the ability to clean between the glass or not. If we can’t tell you over the phone, we can definitely tell you after we have a look at your oven door. Sometimes while your brand of oven might be a brand in which you can clean between the glass panels, if your oven is very old or the clips or screws have rusted, it might not be advisable to clean between the glass.

If you would like your oven cleaning questions answered or would like to book your oven in for a thorough clean by a professional, then contact Kristof today. You will be amazed at the results we can achieve. Or like us on Facebook and look at our before and after phots.