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BBQ Cleaning

Local Newcastle BBQ Cleaning service, Oven Perfect, specialise in cleaning ovens and BBQs. Most of our customers have us clean their BBQ every 12 months to keep their BBQ in tip top condition. There are many benefits in using a professional service.

Why use a professional BBQ cleaning service?

  1. Using a professional service will not only keep your BBQ shining, but can lengthen your BBQ’s lifespan. Because BBQs are often stored outside in the elements they are prone to rust. By using a BBQ cleaning service like Oven Perfect, the beginnings of rust can be removed which can help to slow down the rusting process.
  2. Another benefit of using a specialised service is that your BBQ is more likely to get a regular and thorough clean. If BBQs are not cleaned regularly they can become home to spiders and cockroaches.
  3. Lastly, using a BBQ cleaning service means your BBQ will get a very thorough clean, not to mention the time you save doing a difficult and dirty job.

Newcastle’s leading BBQ Cleaning Service

Oven Perfect have been cleaning BBQs for over 5 years in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and Hunter region. Our customers continually tell us how happy they are with our BBQ cleaning service, but nothing speaks louder than the number of our customers who not only have us back to clean their BBQs time and time again, but refer us to their friends and family.

How much does it cost?

Oven Perfect charge on the size of your BBQ -whether your BBQ has 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 burners. You can get a quote in seconds by visiting our oven and BBQ cleaning pricing page. For Weber BBQs or BBQs with extras such as tepinyaki plates or hot plates call Kristof directly on 0434 512 344 for a non-obligation quote.


To see our before and after photos or read our customer reviews visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OvenPerfect.

Book your BBQ in for a clean today by calling Kristof 0434 512 344 or email Kristof@ovenperfect.com.au


bbq cleaning

‘before’ BBQ cleaning photo


bbq cleaning

‘after’ BBQ cleaning photo