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BBQ Cleaner

Looking for a BBQ cleaner in Newcastle or surrounding Hunter region? Oven Perfect specialise in cleaning BBQs in the Hunter. We clean BBQs in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and the Hunter Valley.

How much does a BBQ cleaner cost?

Oven Perfect charge according to the size of your BBQ. The cost of a BBQ clean depends on the size of your BBQ and how many burners your BBQ has. You can get a quote in seconds by visiting our oven and BBQ cleaning pricing page. Simply select the number of burners your BBQ has and your quote will appear. If you have a Weber BBQ or you would like to find out more about our cleaning service, then you can contact us directly and we will answer all your questions.

Oven Perfect is Newcastle’s original and best BBQ cleaner

Oven Perfect have been cleaning BBQs for almost 5 years in Newcastle. We have cleaned all types of BBQs from 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 burner BBQs through to the Weber BBQs. Our extensive BBQ cleaning experience sets us apart and your BBQ will be left shining. Our lead BBQ cleaner has over 6 years experience dismantling and cleaning BBQs and you wont be disappointed.

How often should I clean my BBQ?

Ideally you should clean your BBQ plate after every use and have a professional BBQ cleaner clean your BBQ once a year. The more you look after your BBQ the longer you will have it for. BBQs can easily rust and attract cockroaches if they are left uncleaned for a long period of time. If a BBQ has been left for a long time it isn’t always possible to make your BBQ shine again, for example, rust can’t be cleaned off. The key to looking after your BBQ is regular professional cleans.

If you would like to make your BBQ shine again and keep it in tip top condition then book in for a BBQ clean today! Simply call Kristof on 0434 512 344 or email Kristof@ovenperfect.com.au.

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Before BBQ Clean

After BBQ Cleaner photo

After BBQ Cleaner