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How to clean an oven

Are you wondering how to clean an oven right now? Perhaps you are staring at an oven with so much burnt on grease and fat build up you are wondering if you will ever get your oven clean again.

While there are professional oven cleaning services that specialise in oven cleaning and detailing, you might want to try and clean your oven yourself. In which case, before you start pulling on the rubber gloves, have a read of these oven cleaning tips first:

Oven Cleaning Tips

1. Remove the oven door before you start cleaning it if you can

2. Use a blade in a blade holder tool to scrape the burnt on grease off the glass door. Please note that using a scraper can damage the oven glass if you don’t use it properly. You can read our Tips on Using a Scraper article, however, if you are not familiar with how to use a scraper then it’s probably best to leave this tool for the professionals.

3. Make sure you either remove the back plate of your oven (this is only an option in certain brands of ovens) or take care applying any oven cleaning product to ensure product doesn’t go behind the back plate and onto the element. If oven cleaning product gets caught behind the back plate it can erode the element which is a costly oven part to replace.

4. Still not sure how to clean an oven? Call in the oven cleaning professionals. Sometimes to get a superior result it’s best to use a specialised oven cleaning service. It’s not as expensive as you might think and better yet, if you choose Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals, not only will your oven look like brand new, but your oven will be left fume-free and ready to use as soon as we’ve left thanks to our non-caustic, biodegradable oven cleaning product that is people and pet friendly.

If you would like a quote, simply visit our ‘oven and BBQ cleaning pricing page and select the size of your oven. Or call Kristof on 0434 512 344 and your oven could look brand new again.

To see Oven Perfect in action, watch this 1 minute video to see how we clean an oven!

how to clean an oven

Before Oven Cleaning Service Newcastle

how to clean an oven

After Oven Cleaning Service Newcastle

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