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Cleaning Oven Shelves

Have you opened your oven door and thought for the millionth time ‘I must clean the oven’? And it’s always when you’re about to use the oven that you think about this job. Usually the next thought is ‘how am I going to get this oven clean, it is so dirty’?

Let’s face it, cleaning the oven is not a great job. It usually involves buying some toxic chemical from the supermarket and several hours rubbing and scrubbing, not to mention cleaning oven shelves – the shelves can often be the hardest to clean with burnt on food or grease spots. Often even after several hours of soaking and scrubbing your oven shelves will still not look clean, they will still have those black spots on the racks.

cleaning oven shelves before photo

cleaning oven shelves before photo

cleaning oven shelves after photo

cleaning oven shelves after photo

Have you asked around your friends and family how they are cleaning oven shelves? Have you googled cleaning oven shelves and found information on using baking soda? Perhaps you’ve tried all of the above and still have spotty racks or a greasy oven?

Did you know there are specialised oven cleaning services like Oven Perfect in Newcastle who can not only clean your oven for you, but bring your oven shelves and racks back to silver? It is important to choose the right Oven Cleaning Service and ask how they clean your oven – you don’t want to pay someone to do exactly what you can do yourself- buy toxic product and rub and scrub. You want to find a specialised oven cleaning service that provides a thorough cleaning for the oven and all the shelves and trays.

Choosing the right Oven Cleaning Service for cleaning oven shelves

1. Make sure the oven cleaning service is a specialised service, not just a home cleaning service that also cleans ovens for an additional fee. Specialist oven cleaning services have the right tools and equipment to thoroughly clean your oven and oven shelves so they are spotless. It is all the service does – every day – is cleans ovens and often BBQs.

2. A reputable oven cleaning service will quote you to clean the oven and the price should include the cleaning of the oven shelves, racks and tray that comes with the oven.

3. Ask what products the oven cleaning service uses. Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals use a non-caustic, bio degradable product that is fume free and leaves your oven ready to use as soon as the clean is finished. The product is not available in supermarkets and is made specifically to remove oven grease and fat, while being family and pet safe.

4. Ask how the oven shelves will be cleaned. Oven Perfect remove all internal parts of the oven, including the oven shelves and soak the parts in the special product. Oven Perfect use a tank in the back of their modified van to soak the oven shelves in the product and heat the product. It is this combination of soaking, product and heat that means your oven shelves will come back silver again.

Want to see how clean Oven Perfect can get your oven and shelves? Put us to the test and give Kristof a call on 0434 512 344 today! Click here for a quick quote based on the size of your oven (includes all racks and trays that come with the oven). Or visit Google Maps or Facebook for reviews and photos.

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