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easy oven cleaning

Easy oven cleaning, does such a thing exist? There are many ways to clean an oven, from trying the latest oven cleaning products (many of which are toxic) through to trying more natural methods that youtube videos make to look ‘easy’ such as lemon or bicarb soda. One thing that is sure, is that without the right tools and products there is no such thing as easy oven cleaning. Sometimes, it’s best to call in the professionals and use an oven cleaning service like Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals.

Oven Perfect, leading Oven Cleaning Newcastle service, have been cleaning ovens and BBQs for over 5 years. Our unique and proven oven cleaning technique involves a full disassemble to ensure every bit of grease and fat is thoroughly removed. We also use a non-caustic, fume free product that is made especially for cleaning ovens. We heat this product in a tank in the back of our van. We soak all the removable parts of your oven in this heated tank of product and this helps us to scrub away all the black specs of grease and fat from your racks.

If you do want to clean your oven yourself then read our ‘cleaning oven glass‘ and our ‘oven cleaning tips‘ pages. The more racks and side and back plates that you can remove from your oven before you begin cleaning the easier it will be. Be mindful when using a toxic supermarket chemical to not get the product behind the back plate and near the element in your oven. This product will corrode your element and you will need to replace it in time. It is best to remove the back plate if possible before cleaning.

If you are looking for easy oven cleaning then look no further than Oven Perfect, Newcastle’s leading oven cleaning service. Call 0434 512 344 or email Kristof@ovenperfect.com.au for a quote today!

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