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Oven Perfect are about to chalk up 5 years oven and BBQ cleaning in Newcastle and surrounding regions and you might have seen our Facebook showing #5yearsOvenPerfect. We are using the hashtag #5yearsOvenPerfect to show a collection of our before and after photos and share some inspiration.

Sometimes we think we need a whole new kitchen when all we might need is a spring clean out, some new nifty storage solutions, and sparkling clean appliances. And if you’ve just spent hours doing a spring clean out and re-organisation of your kitchen, the last thing you want to do is spend hours scrubbing your oven with a toxic chemical. If your oven needs a make over then leave it to the experts and we will achieve outstanding results, making your oven look like new again. Better yet we use non-caustic, fume-free product that is human friendly. Your oven will be ready to use as soon as we’ve finished thoroughly detailing it. It’s amazing what re-organising, cleaning and buying a few finishing touches can do for your existing kitchen.

Why choose an experienced oven cleaning service?

* We know your oven brand, make and model inside out. Chances are we’ve cleaned many ovens of the same brand as yours before over the last 5 years. We know how to disassemble and most importantly, reassemble your oven for a thorough clean.

* Happy customers. Our oven cleaning customers have us every year because of our quality service. You can read over 50 reviews on Facebook visit www.facebook.com/OvenPerfect.

There is a reason our Newcastle oven and BBQ cleaning business, Oven Perfect, continues to grow and that is because our quality and professional oven detailing service is the best. Let us achieve the results that you can’t with our thorough oven detailing service. Call Kristof on 0434 512 344 today or visit #5yearsOvenPerfect and get inspired!

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