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how to clean your rangehood

Knowing how to clean your rangehood is not something everyone knows how to do. While some people clean their rangehoods themselves, others use professional oven cleaning services like Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals. We have been cleaning ovens, BBQs, stovetops and rangehoods for 5 years in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and Hunter areas.

3 tips to clean your rangehood yourself

1. Make sure you know how to remove your rangehood filters and how to reassemble your filters once cleaned. All rangehoods vary slightly. If you aren’t confident in removing your rangehood filters then look for a company that provides rangehood filter cleaner services, like Oven Perfect. We not only know how to safely disassemble your rangehood filters, but we also know how to reassemble your rangehood after a thorough clean.

2. Once removed, you can clean your rangehood filters. Some rangehood filters can go into your dishwasher, but make sure you check with your rangehood manufacturer if your rangehood filters are dishwasher safe. Or you can place your rangehood filters in soapy water to give them a thorough clean. Make sure all product is removed before reassembling your rangehood. If you choose Oven Perfect, your local oven cleaning Newcastle family business to clean your rangehood, we will place your rangehood filters in a heated tank of non-caustic, fume free solution to soak and then scrub them to ensure all built up grease and fats is thoroughly removed. Your rangehood filters will be squeaky clean and ready to go back into your rangehood unit.

3. Reassemble your filters back into your rangehood unit after making sure all product has been removed. Refer to your rangehood manual to ensure you reassemble your rangehood correctly.

If you would like to know more about how to clean your rangehood or would like us to clean your rangehood for you then call Kristof at Oven Perfect on 0434 512 344 or email kristof@ovenperfect.com.au

How to clean your rangehood 'before' photo

How to clean your rangehood ‘before’ photo

How to clean your rangehood 'after' photo

How to clean your rangehood ‘after’ photo

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