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Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos – March 2016

Many people are surprised that specialist oven cleaning services like Oven Perfect exist and often can’t believe it when we show them our Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and love showing off our before and after photos. We often post our photos every month.

What will my oven look like after a professional oven clean?

After our professional oven clean your oven will look like new again. Because of our proven oven cleaning technique, and our thorough dismantling of your oven, we can clean all those hard to reach places. Our specialised non-toxic, non-caustic product is heated and we place all your racks and internal oven parts into the solution to ensure all the burnt on grease and fats are removed. The best part is after your oven clean and your oven is reassembled, it is fume free and ready to use. You won’t believe how amazing your oven will look after our specialised oven cleaning service.

March 2016 Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos

This before and after photo was taken in Newcastle in March 2016. You can see it had been a while since the last clean and there was a lot of grease and fat build up.

before Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos

before Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos

after Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos

after Newcastle Oven Cleaning Photos











If you would like your oven to look like new again, why not book Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals? Most of our customers have us once a year or every 6 months to keep their oven looking fantastic. To book your oven in for a clean, ring Kristof on 0434 512 344, or send us an email at Kristof@ovenperfect.com.au.

Kristof has been cleaning ovens and BBQs in Newcastle for 5 years, since moving to Australia from Belgium, Kristof has married, had two children and become an Australian Citizen. We thank all of our loyal customers for supporting our small business.

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