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Kristof an Australian Citizen!

Kristof, owner of Newcastle’s leading oven cleaning service, Oven Perfect, is excited to announce that he became an Australian Citizen on Australia Day 2016.

Six years after leaving his police detective job and his native Belgium for an Australian who is now his wife, Kristof has achieved his goal- an Australian Citizen. During his time in Australia so far Kristof has married his Australian love, become a dad to two beautiful daughters, and built up his own small business. Krisof has made no secret of the fact that he loves Australia and living in Newcastle. Having citizenship is more a formality in what Kristof has already been doing – calling Australia home.

To celebrate officially ‘becoming an Aussie’ Kristof has splurged on a brand new BBQ. You might wonder what kind of BBQ a professional oven and BBQ cleaner might buy, and Kristof with years of experience with all kinds of BBQs knows exactly what he wants in a BBQ. Not having a covered outdoor area, Kristof didn’t choose his ultimate BBQ in the top price bracket, instead he chose a modest BBQ with enamel. The reason he chose enamel is for ease of cleaning. BBQs with enamel hoods are much easier to protect from rust than stainless steel hoods.

If you are looking to buy a BBQ and would like some advice, Kristof is more than happy to answer your questions. Kristof knows the pros and cons of most BBQs in different price ranges. Or perhaps your current BBQ is just in need of a professional BBQ Cleaning? Visit our oven and BBQ cleaning pricing page or call Kristof on 0434 512 344 to book.

Thank you Newcastle and our loyal oven and BBQ cleaning customers for supporting Kristof these last 4 years. Kristof looks forward to many more to come. You can also read Kristof’s full story in the Newcastle Herald published in July 2015.

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