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BBQ Cleaning and Oven Cleaning Newcastle, Have you Tried us?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have had our oven and BBQ cleaning experience in your home by Kristof over the last 4 years as we have such happy customers they can’t help but tell their friends about our Newcastle oven cleaning service. Kristof gets told every day how happy his customers are with their oven cleaning service or their sparkling BBQ. Some of our customers even take the time to review our Newcastle oven cleaning service on our Facebook page. If you have had your oven cleaned by Kristof and have a few minutes to review our oven cleaning service on Facebook, we would really appreciate it. Visit www.facebook.com/OvenPerfect.

BBQ Cleaning or Oven Cleaning Newcastle?

What do you use most, your oven or your BBQ? Our customers find that once we clean both, they can’t choose! Sometimes that grease that can be removed through oven or BBQ cleaning can really affect your food experience. Our Oven and BBQ Cleaning has changed the opinions of many, so why not yours!

Perhaps you are looking at having your oven or BBQ cleaned but not sure – then head to our Facebook page and see how happy our BBQ and oven cleaning customers are. Not only do we have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, but you can see a variety of before and after photos. Newcastle Oven Cleaning and BBQ Cleaning has never been so effective!

bbq cleaning

‘after’ BBQ cleaning photo

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