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Oven and Rangehood cleaning in Newcastle and the Central Coast

Oven Perfect, The Oven Cleaning Professionals have been cleaning ovens and rangehoods in Newcastle and the Central Coast since October 2011. Our local family business is coming up to 3 years of cleaning oven and rangehoods – that’s a lot of ovens we have cleaned in Newcastle, the CentralCoast, Port Stephens and Maitland.


Rangehood cleaning is a similar process to our unique oven cleaning procedure. We remove the rangehood and dismantle it. We then place the rangehood parts in a tank of non-toxic, non-caustic product. This tank of product is heated and is how a lot of the built up grease is removed. After the rangehood has soaked, we scrub it to make sure it is completely clean and grease free. We then reassemble the clean rangehood.


Often Oven Perfect customers in Newcastle and the Central Coast have both their ovens and rangehoods cleaned every year. Here is a before and after photo of a rangehood before being cleaned, and after an Oven Perfect clean.

'before' rangehood clean photo

‘before’ rangehood clean photo

'after' rangehood clean
‘after’ rangehood clean



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