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Why you should call us to clean your oven in Newcastle, Central Coast, Maitland and Port Stephens

Today we received a phone call from a lady asking for advice on oven cleaning, Newcastle. She was moving properties and hired some “end of lease” cleaners to brighten up the place. These cleaners also had a go at cleaning the oven.

According to the lady, the cleaners had put all the racks/shelves from the oven in a bag with a solution on the kitchen bench. They then told the lady to leave the bag there for 24 hours before taking the shelves/racks back out. After the 24 hours the solution in the bag had made its way through the bag, onto the kitchen bench and eaten away some of the surface.

We were asked whether this is a normal oven cleaning procedure. We could only tell the lady that we wouldn’t clean her oven that way as we’re completely set up to avoid mess of any kind in the kitchens we’re working in. The parts we take out of the oven (not only the racks/shelves but also side panels, back plate, top plates, fans if possible) go into a solution in a tank in the back of our van, so nowhere near any benches or sinks. Also, the products we use are non caustic and don’t eat into surfaces.

So if you’re thinking of moving properties and want to have peace of mind, please give us a call to help you with the oven clean. We can also clean your stove top, range hood and barbeque. We are oven cleaning professionals in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Maitland. We only clean and detail ovens and barbeques and that is how we are able to achieve outstanding results without using your kitchen or leaving a mess in your home.

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