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What oven is the best to buy?

A question our customers ask us a lot is what ovens are the best to buy. Kristof has cleaned over 900 ovens in the CentralCoast, Newcastle, LakeMacquarie, HunterValley and Port Stephens areas in the last 2 years that we have been trading. Kristof has seen a lot of different brand of ovens from the inside and the outside through thoroughly dismantling ovens for our professional oven cleaning service, and he is often consulted when people are looking for a new oven. An oven is a big purchase and choosing the right oven for your needs and budget is important. While we don’t recommend any one brand of oven, we can share our oven knowledge with you.


It is very important to know what kind of oven you’re looking for. Does it need to be a big oven to fit the Christmas Turkey or able to feed a large family? Then you probably want a wider oven. 900mm is the widest domestic ovens come in. This would already limit your choice as not all brands build ovens this wide. Smeg, Omega and Blanco to name a few do offer wide ovens in their models.


If you prefer a separate grill or a second oven there are different options. Some brands like Chef (now Electrolux/AEG) and Westinghouse have ovens with a little grill on top. Other possibilities are the 1.5 ovens, where the second oven can be on top (Kleenmaid, Fisher & Paykel) or next to the main oven, like for instance some of the Ilve and Smeg ovens. Or you can just have a double oven.


Some people also ask about the “self cleaning ovens”. Although there are plenty brands on the market claiming they have self cleaning ovens, in reality only a few pass the test and it’s worthwhile doing your research before you buy one. From what we hear from our customers Miele seems to be one of the brands that make a good self cleaning oven.


Last but not least to think about is where you need to go to to have your oven serviced. Some big warehouses sell ovens but don’t service them and for a couple of brands it’s very difficult to get spare parts. Brands like Miele, Smeg and Fisher & Paykel have their own technicians fixing ovens, important if it’s a warranty issue.


If you would like to talk all things oven, you don’t need to get your oven cleaned with Oven Perfect, you can call us for our knowledge. Being a local Newcastle family owned and operated oven cleaning service, we are happy to share our experiences with you.

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