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More than just an oven cleaning service in Newcastle

Oven Perfect, Newcastle’s oven cleaning professionals, pride ourselves on going that extra step for our oven cleaning customers. While we can’t fix every oven problem, there are a lot of minor repairs that we can do such as changing the light globe, reassembling ovens that have been put back incorrectly, and installing oven seals. We also get a lot of strange oven cleaning related requests, and often go out to take a look and see what we can offer.


One of our strangest requests was not for an oven clean, but it seems someone tried to cook their iPad cover, resulting in burnt rubber on the bottom of their oven. Kristof went out to Merewether to take a look and 5 minutes later, was able to scrape off the melted rubber with his cleaning blade.

While it is oven cleaning and detailing that is our passion, we’re also proud to offer this kind of customer service that goes above and beyond. Some would say it is not good business sense to spend time on these unusual requests, but we are proud to live in Newcastle and be a family business with family values, and if we can fix something, we most certainly will.

Along with cleaning ovens and BBQs comes a lot of knowledge about the oven brands out there, how they work, and what can and can’t be done for each type of oven. You can’t clean over 300 ovens or clean 55 BBQs each year without learning a thing or two about all the different make and models of ovens and BBQs out there. In fact, it is our extensive knowledge of all ovens and BBQs that make us such a great oven cleaning service.

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