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Latest Oven Cleaning Photos – March 2013

Oven Perfect has been busy in Adamstown cleaning this Blanco oven. Oven Perfect love seeing dirty ovens so we can make them sparkle and look like new again. Even if people think their oven can’t be brought back after years of hard cooking and built up grease and fats, we at Oven Perfect, know that we can work wonders on all ovens. Our secret is our special products that we heat in a tank in the back of our van – that is how we get the black off your racks and make them silver again. Everything we can dismantle from your oven we take out to soak before giving it a good scrub with our special non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable products. We use the same product on the shell of your oven in spray form.

But nothing shows our work better than our before and after photos:

Before oven clean photo

Before oven clean photo

After our oven clean photo

After oven clean photo

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